18th August 2014.

Riding numbers for  reserves are now published at the bottom of each rider list .

There is a possibility that a few spaces MAY become available in the Pre 83 125 Class and the Under 50's Twinshocks. If you would like to be considered for either of these classes, on line entries will go live at 9am on Monday 25th August.


5th August 2014.

All of the confirmed individual and Team entries are now listed, including reserves. Riding numbers will be allocated to reserves on week commencing 11th August. For riders who are showing a 0 beside your name this is because you did not request a specific number at the time of entry. If you check the list and your desired number is available please e-mail either Sarah or Di at di@rentafford.fsnet.co.uk and we will try and allocate your chosen number.

22nd June 2014.

We aim to produce a full Start List by the end of July with all riding numbers listed.

Spectators and fans enquiring about  pre event tickets and admission charges should note that there is no facility for advance tickets for this event.

Admission Charges are as follows-  Weekend ticket, Adult £25, Child £5. Sunday only ticket Adult £20, Child £5.  Weekend camping pass for vehicle £25.


16th February 2014.

Around 375 acceptances across the seven classes (not Team Races) have now been sent out together with a batch of 49 reserves. Some entries which were incomplete, filled out incorrectly or Licences stated but not renewed, have been returned.

Every entry received has now been put on a database, but entries received after 4th February (in some classes) will now need to wait until the Reserve Riders have had a chance to decline. A couple have declined already so the list will constantly change.

Acceptances for Foreign and Guest riders will be processed shortly.




Contact Details

Sarah Giles, Entry Secretary
tel: +44 (0)7855 781 562

Sonia Goggin, Foreign Rider Approval
tel: +44 (0)1788 566 404, email: sonia.goggin@acu.org.uk

Di Thompson, Trade and Event Manager
tel: +44 (0)1822 810 336, email: di@rentafford.fsnet.co.uk